Impact Report, Q1 2022

Volcano on the island

In the latest Impact Quarterly Report, we discuss our approach to inflation. We argue that in the context of impact investing, inflation is a near-term risk – sustainability megatrends should ultimately play out over the next five years… and beyond. Other highlights in this edition include: Our exposure by impact: We share how our portfolio […]

SDG Engagement High Yield Credit

A river flowing through the forest

2021 Annual Report

Federated Hermes Impact Opportunities Equity Fund awarded Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Tree in the meadow at sunset

The Ecolabel is one of the world’s toughest and most recognised environmental certifications, making it easy for consumers and professional buyers to chose the highest environmental standard of goods and services. To learn more about the label and how our Fund obtained its certification. Want to know more about Impact Opportunites Equity? Share:

Biodiversity: Episode 6

The final episode of our six-part podcast series on biodiversity looks to the future and the solutions being worked on to address current problems. Previous episodes have outlined the magnitude of the task, tackling issues such as deforestation, soil erosion and the threat of species extinction. The podcast is hosted by Nick Spencer from Gordian […]

Biodiversity: Episode 5

Pangolin running on the desert

A mass extinction event is when species vanish much faster than they are replaced –  the last extinction crisis led to the disappearance of the dinosaurs. The world is in the midst of the sixth mass species extinction, according to Professor Jill Atkins, chair in Financial Management at Sheffield University Management School. “The crisis is […]

Spectrum, Q1 2022

Boat circle

The Great Rotation 2.0

Ukraine invasion

Traffic jam

Market reaction

Biodiversity: Episode 4

The gardener gathers vegetables from the field

In the fourth of our six-part biodiversity podcast series, we focus on the interactions between agriculture, soil, livestock farming and biodiversity. Nick Spencer, from Gordian Advice, a responsible investment advisory boutique, hosts this episode and is joined by a number of experts to look at potential solutions using regenerative agriculture, tech and pastoral farming methods, […]

Biodiversity: Episode 3


In the third of our six part podcast series on biodiversity, we focus on the problem of deforestation and how it’s impacting biodiversity loss. Nick Spencer from Gordian Advice, a responsible investment advisory boutique, hosts this episode and is joined by a number of forestry experts. Together, they take a look at how this problem […]

Federated Hermes sponsors WWF Tiger Trail

A tiger lying among green trees

The initiative has been designed to captivate people and the community by combining education, engagement, art and conservation in a celebration of nature and biodiversity. By sponsoring a tiger, Federated Hermes is delighted to support the Tiger Trail in its objective to educate the community and raise awareness of biodiversity in Singapore and the wider […]