Extinguishing the flame: Has inflation peaked?

Fed raises its headline rate by 0.25% and hints at an end to tightening cycle. The European Central Bank and the Bank of England each raise rates by half a percentage point; mood music softens. Markets rose this week in response to a slowdown in the pace of monetary tightening from three of the world’s […]

European stocks rally as recession fears recede

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Fixed income rebounds on expectations inflation has peaked

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ABS issuance: Why so low?

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Brasília riots add to investor caution over Brazil

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Our investment teams on the key themes for 2023

2022 was a challenging year which rocked financial markets and forced investors to reconsider their positioning against a backdrop of uncertainty. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine challenged Europe’s reliance on Russian commodities and caused an energy crisis; inflation soared to a four-decade high, sparking a cost-of-living crisis. Investors are understandably cautious about what might be in […]

Central banks ease pace of hikes as inflation cools

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Beyond reopening: China’s transformation

Emerging markets have lagged developed markets this year by 6%, with China reflecting the most notable drag at -26%. However, China stocks are enjoying something of a ‘Santa rally’ amid hope Beijing will relax its strict Covid-19 measures and fully reopen its economy. The MSCI China Index jumped by 29% in November1 to deliver its best […]

Spectrum, Q4 2022

Inflation, one year on

India’s star shines as stocks reach an all-time high

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