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SDG Engagement Equity: 2023 Annual Report

A focus on decent work

26 March 2024 |
Active ESG
In 2023, the SDG Engagement Equity Strategy had its second-best year in terms of overall return and its best year of relative performance.
SDG Engagement Equity Annual Report 2023

Fast reading:

  • We have long considered that the most effective topics for shareholder engagement were those related to a company’s direct and indirect workforce. It is through employment (including that provided through supply chain relationships) that a company most directly influences many of the UN SDGs, providing for individual economic resilience and prosperity.
  • There is little doubt that the involvement of women is key to developing a robust and sustainable economy for everyone. Elevating and retaining women in employment delivers a win-win-win for any company. Internal promotion has a ripple effect, helping companies reduce staff turnover, demonstrate visible staff career progression among peers, and create long-term value for shareholders.
  • We strongly believe in the benefits of active investment, both in the sense of actively choosing where to invest but also in the sense of being actively engaged with those companies in which we invest. By engaging as constructive and patient investors, we can play a critical role in bringing about positive changes within corporates.

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SDG Engagement Equity Annual Report 2023

SDG Engagement Equity Annual Report 2023

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