Litmus test for chemical sector decarbonisation

Litmus test paper

Chemicals are essential inputs for many industries, with chemical use pervasive and entrenched in the modern world. But like the steel industry, the chemical sector is considered “hard-to-abate”, meaning that the solutions to reduce emissions are either technically challenging, prohibitively expensive, or both. Decarbonisation of the energy sources used to generate the heat, steam and […]

Public Engagement Report Q1 2022

Laboratory glassware microscope test tubes

In our cover feature this quarter we take an in-depth look at the chemical sector and its difficult path to decarbonisation. Like steel, which we explored in our Q2 2021 Public Engagement Report, the chemical sector is considered a hard-to-abate industry. US engager Joanne Beatty guides us through some of the challenges and explains how […]

How regenerative agriculture can sow the seeds of change

A young farmer walking and carrying a crate full of fresh produce at his farm

Fast reading Regenerative agriculture practices improve soil health, biodiversity and watersheds in addition to enhancing ecosystem services. Companies should set targets to source ingredients from regenerative agriculture and work with farmers to implement the change. A true regenerative strategy should also address the social issues of inequity within agriculture. Widespread use of fertilisers and pesticides […]

Air Liquide case study

Air liquide in the mountains

Fast reading Air Liquide has accelerated its ambitions with key commitments on climate. We welcome the key announcements made during the sustainability strategy day, but since Scope 3 emissions represent approximately 40% of the company’s total emissions we continue to press for a long-term goal across the entire value chain with interim targets. EOS has […]

Starbucks case study

Cofee beans

Fast reading Starbucks has made positive steps towards meeting our expectations for sustainable packaging and diversity and inclusion. It has pledged to use 5-10% recycled content across all plastic packaging by 2025 and to take action for 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. The company has also appointed a […]

Baidu case study

View of pixel waves in three dimensions

Fast reading EOS engagement contributed to the company’s understanding of best practice human capital management, leading to improved disclosure. We continue to follow up with the company on the mechanism developed to ensure continuous improvement on talent management and progress the company is making. We will encourage the company to continue to make annual disclosures […]

EOS Engagement Plan 2022-2024

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Fast reading Our engagement activities enable long-term institutional investors to be more active owners of their assets, through dialogue with companies on ESG issues. EOS focuses its stewardship on the issues with greatest potential to deliver long‑term sustainable wealth for investors and positive societal outcomes. Our Engagement Plan is client-led – we undertake a formal […]

Amazon case study

A woman writing data from a card to a laptop

Fast reading Amazon has committed to be 100% net zero across its operations by 2040 and continues to improve sustainability reporting aligned to its business strategy. EOS welcomes the company’s greater willingness to engage with us and other stakeholders recently and its positive response. Amazon’s scale means that it has an important influence across employment […]

Adidas case study

Black sneakers

Fast reading Adidas has achieved certification from the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), affirming that its emissions reduction targets are aligned with a 1.5°C scenario. EOS continue to engage with the company on its circularity strategy. Technological and business model innovation is urgently needed to address climate change and environmental impacts of apparel and footwear. We […]

Tackling climate change through outcomes

Forests in the mountains during the autumn

Focused stewardship