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Seeking to deliver long-term positive outcomes since our foundation in responsible investing in 1983.

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Our global capabilities are informed by decades of specialist experience, innovation and a drive to lead the evolution of investing through a responsibility and stewardship lens.

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Characterised by proprietary fundamental, environmental, social and governance (ESG) and engagement research.


Value-seeking approach based on fundamental analysis, a macro perspective and rigorous security selection for diversified, risk-managed portfolios.


We offer a range of sterling-, euro- and dollar-denominated short-term and standard money market funds as well as bespoke solutions for institutional investors.

Private Markets

Offers suitable investors a broad range of private market investment solutions across four asset classes: real estate, infrastructure, private equity and private debt.

What do we mean by enduring, responsible wealth creation?

Since our foundation in responsible investing in 1983, we have been committed to doing business the right way.

First and foremost, this means being guided by our duty to our clients and to being aligned with their interests.

With this as our foundation, we seek to be effective investors with a focus on the characteristics this entails, such as high active share, global capabilities and a long-term approach.

The final piece of the puzzle is our commitment to stewardship where we combine our world-class engagement capability with an emphasis on material environmental, social and governance considerations.

Together, these characteristics create a unique approach which seeks to deliver positive outcomes for all our stakeholders over the long term.

This approach provides three investment pathways focused. Equally powerful in fulfilling our purpose, they are defined by the outcomes our investors seek.

Active ESG


Responsible, active investing for long-term performance.


Financial & Sustainability

Thematic and values-based approaches for sustainable outcomes.


Financial & Impact

Mission-led investment strategies to create positive impact.

Solutions across the spectrum

As well as funds, we offer best-in-class, bespoke solutions and have an exciting range of global capabilities to meet our clients’ desired outcomes, including liquidity, private markets and strategies aligned to responsible investing targets.

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Classifying our funds under SFDR

Set up by the EU and effective from 10 March 2021, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) looks to improve transparency among financial market participants in relation to sustainability-related information. SFDR requires asset managers to provide standardised disclosures on how environmental and social factors are integrated at both the entity and product level. 

We support greater transparency and a clearer framework around how environmental and social factors are considered in financial markets.

Under SFDR, funds are classified in three categories:

Article 6

  • Financial products not covered by Article 8 or 9
  • Product characteristics: Sustainability risks and opportunities are not a driving force for investment decision-making.​

Article 8

  • Financial products promoting environmental or social characteristics
  • Product characteristics: Strong, demonstrable consideration of environmental and/or social factors in the investment process and investment in companies with good governance.

Article 9

  • Financial products with sustainable investment as their objective
  • Product characteristics: Contribution to environmental and social objectives, which cna be measured and reported on and avoidance of companies which may cause significant harm to those objectives.

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