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Commodities of the future: the metals vital to energy transition

This is sponsored content from Citywire in association with Federated Hermes Limited. When investors consider metals exposure in their portfolios, they might once have focused on gold, silver and platinum. Today, more common metals are becoming increasingly important because they will play a vital role in the energy transition. Demand for copper, for example, is […]

Unlocking the potential of sustainable credit

There’s no doubt that more sustainable corporate practices make sense. However, understanding how to incorporate these models into credit analysis takes deep expertise and ongoing engagement. Fortunately, we have both. Watch our video below to learn more.  To find out more about our sustainable credit offering, please explore our website.  Share:

The unpersuadables?

Led by its impressive President, Hiromi Yamaji, the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s strategy for increasing shareholder returns has been to convince companies to do the right thing. This has been achieved by encouraging enhanced stockholder engagement and reporting, supporting a culture shift, while  naming co-operative companies, thereby shaming delinquents. This approach is proving effective, with many […]

ESG in China: A hidden opportunity

Fast reading ESG ratings consistently show Chinese companies lagging their EM peers on ESG, prompting questions about whether China is investable from an ESG perspective. While the ratings do not capture the full picture, there is no doubt that China is challenging for the ESG investor – despite various positive regulatory drivers for ESG in […]

Meet the Manager: Mitch Reznick

What’s your role at Federated Hermes? My role at Federated Hermes is Head of Sustainable Fixed Income and a portfolio manager on some of our sustainability-themed funds. Our team convert the principles of sustainability into investment solutions that make sense for our clients, of course, but also seek to deliver real world, positive outcomes. How […]

What’s going on with IG corporate bonds?

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January just witnessed a record amount of new investment grade (IG) corporate bond issuance. The US$194bn was nearly 50% higher than the monthly average over the last four years. This comes on the heels of US$1.2tn in each of the last two years and against the backdrop of the US$7.7tn market value of the Bloomberg […]

Can the Super Bowl predict markets?


A year to savour the certainty of coupons (over the guesswork of earnings)

Developed market central banks have indicated they have reached the peak of the hiking cycle and are now carefully taking the steam out of the ‘higher for longer’ narrative. The global economy has been surprisingly resilient, but cash buffers built up through the pandemic are now winding down, locked-in low rates are rolling off, and […]

Climate Change High Yield Credit, Annual Report 2023

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Fast reading Thematic focus: How our Climate Change Impact (CCI) score has evolved over the years and how it seeks to track present and future progress by portfolio companies in reducing emissions. Performance and investment review: In a year where energy stocks were top dog how did portfolio returns hold up? The power of engagement: […]