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21st century capital markets

A heritage that provides insight into the needs of long-term investors.

We spent the 2000s and 2010s operating initially as the in-house manager of BTPS, and in recent years, building on these capabilities to develop a strong client base of wholesale and institutional investors worldwide.

Many have claimed that the decade of the 2000s was a lost decade for financial markets: it began with the dotcom bubble and ended with the global financial crisis. During this period of tumult, we sought opportunity, which led to a period of transformative growth for our business. We expanded our client offering, launching continuing strategies that span listed equities, credit, real estate, infrastructure, private equity and private debt.

A transformative journey: 2000-present

Alongside our focus on generating outcomes for our clients that go beyond performance, our culture has remained rooted in responsibility: we have played an integral role as an advocate for better corporate governance, as we explain in further detail here.