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Impact Opportunities Equity, Q2 2023

5 July 2023 |
Like any new technology, AI will be a disruptor in the truest sense, bringing both positive and negative impacts for society and the global economy. In this report, the Impact Opportunities team explain why they believe healthcare is one area where AI will overwhelmingly be a force for good.
Impact Opportunities Equity, Q2 2023

Fast reading:

  • Fears concerning the risks created by uncontrolled development of AI are understandable, however, they should not obscure the huge societal benefits the technology can offer. The health sector is one area where we see clear potential for AI to deliver positive impact.
  • Digitally driven drug discovery will benefit society by unlocking solutions to the most intractable problems in pharmaceutical research. Using the power of AI and big data in this way also holds the promise of reducing the cost of drugs, thereby increasing access for all.
  • Plus: Find out how portfolio holding AbCellera, a Canadian biotechnology company focused on accelerating antibody discovery, partners with drug developers to push therapeutic programmes forward and fight disease.

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Impact Opportunities, Q2 2023

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Impact Opportunities Equity, Q2 2023

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