Climate Change High Yield Credit, Annual Report 2023

River bank and smoke in the background

Fast reading Thematic focus: How our Climate Change Impact (CCI) score has evolved over the years and how it seeks to track present and future progress by portfolio companies in reducing emissions. Performance and investment review: In a year where energy stocks were top dog how did portfolio returns hold up? The power of engagement: […]

Sustainable investing: More than meets the eye?

What does sustainable investing mean to you and how does it manifest itself in this strategy? In simple terms, sustainable investing is the consideration of social and environmental factors alongside financial return, such that the companies we invest in are in some small way contributing to a better future – from the products they produce, […]

A just transition

2024 Outlook

Natural capital: the call of the wild

2024 Outlook

Renewables: winds of change

2024 Outlook

Is ‘doing good’ too good to be true?

SDG Engagement High Yield Credit

Doing good and doing well: Our approach to sustainable fixed income

How do you differentiate sustainable investing from ESG integration? In talking about the differences between ESG integration and sustainable investing, there’s clearly an overlap when we talk about environmental and social factors. But with ESG integration, what we look at is how these non-fundamental factors affect a company’s cash flows for enterprise value and credit […]

Sustainable Global Equity, Annual Report 2022-23

Highlights include: Thematic focus #1: How can AI help address the UN SDGs? Thematic focus #2: Circular economy and waste management Market and performance review: One of the defining characteristics of the first half of 2023 was ‘narrowness’ of returns, with the majority of performance being driven by a small number of tech-focused mega cap […]

Spectrum Q3 2023: No robots were harmed in the making of this report

Red light

In a 1962 collection of short stories, sci-fi sage Arthur C Clarke postulated his third law, that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Now, as we push through the second decade of the 21st century and into a future seemingly set up for AI, Clarke’s law appears more apt than ever. Through the […]

Sustainable fixed income: Five questions answered

Question one: How does engagement in fixed income work in practice? It’s a myth that engagement in the realm of fixed income is less effective than for equities. Our multi-decade experience of deep engagement with companies issuing debt illustrates this – and we have a solid track record that underlines how effective engagement can be […]