EOS team

Our stewardship experts are industry leaders in practice and philosophy

Our stewardship team, EOS at Federated Hermes, is a pioneer of effective stewardship. With approximately $1.45tn in assets under advice (as at 31 December 2023), it is one of the largest, most skilled and diverse teams in the industry, and has helped forge stewardship codes in developed and emerging markets.


George Watson

George Watson

Sector: Chemicals, Financial Services

Hannah Heuser

Hannah Heuser

Sector: Oil & Gas, Utilities

Will Farrell

Will Farrell

Sector: Financial Services, Oil & Gas

Ross Teverson

Regional Team Lead – Asia and Global Emerging Markets

Elissa El Moufti

Sectors: Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Mining & Materials

Leon Khami image

Leon Kamhi

Head of Responsibility and EOS, Federated Hermes Limited

Ellie Higgins

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Utilities and Consumer Goods

Richard Adeniyi-Jones

Sectors: Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Industrial & Capital Goods

Xinyu Pei

Sectors: Oil & Gas, Mining & Materials, Industrials, Chemicals

Bruce Duguid

Bruce Duguid

Director, Head of Stewardship, EOS

Claire Milhench

Claire Milhench

Communications & Content

Dana Barnes

Sectors: Oil & Gas

Diana Glassman

Diana Glassman

Sectors: Lead – Technology Hardware, Co-lead: Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Technology Software

Earl McKenzie

Voting and Engagement Support Analyst

Emily DeMasi

Lead: North America. Sectors: Co-lead - Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail and Consumer Goods

George Clarke

Lead: Voting and Engagement Support

Haonan Wu

Sectors: Financial Services, Chemicals, Utilities and Consumer goods

Howard Risby

Sectors: Oil & Gas, Mining, Financial Services

Jaime Gornsztejn

Jaime Gornsztejn

Sectors: Lead – Mining & Materials, Financial Services, Oil & Gas

James O'Halloran

James O’Halloran

Director of Business Management

Joanne Beatty

Joanne Beatty

Sectors: Lead – Chemicals, Industrial & Capital Goods, Transportation

Judi Tseng

Sectors: Financial Services and Technology

Justin Bazalgette

Sectors: Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Chemicals

Kenny Tsang

Kenny Tsang

Sectors: Consumer goods

Lisa Lange

Sectors: Transportation (Lead), Consumer Goods, Retail & Consumer Services and Industrials

Mark Turner

Voting and Engagement Support

Michael Yamoah

Michael Benedict Yamoah 

Sectors: Co-lead—Technology, Healthcare, Energy and Financial services

Navishka Pandit

Sectors: Financial Services, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas

Nick Pelosi

Nick Pelosi

Sectors: Co-lead – Mining & Materials, Financial Services, Industrial & Capital Goods, Oil & Gas, Utilities

Pauline Lecoursonnois

Sectors: Lead – Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Industrial & Capital Goods

Shoa Hirosato

Shoa Hirosato

Sectors: Transportation, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Utilities

Sonya Likhtman

Sectors: Consumer Goods, Financial Services

Velika Talyarkhan

Velika Talyarkhan

Sectors: Lead - Utilities, Consumer Goods, Retail

Client service and business development

Alice Musto

Alice Musto

Client Service

Mike Wills

Mike Wills

Head of EOS Business Development & Client Management

Andrew Glynne Percy

Andrew Glynne-Percy

Communications and Marketing

Diego Anton

Client Service

Amy D'Eugenio

Amy D’Eugenio

Sustainability director, Responsibility Office

William Morgan

Client Service

Alishah Khan

Client Service

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