European stocks rally as recession fears recede

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Fixed income rebounds on expectations inflation has peaked

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ABS issuance: Why so low?

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Brasília riots add to investor caution over Brazil

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Emerging markets set to turn a corner?

Fast reading: Amid tech crackdowns, a struggling property sector and the fallout from its zero-Covid policy, China had a tough 2022. Will the country’s fortunes improve in 2023? Amid big hikes by the US Federal Reserve, the strong US dollar cast a long shadow over financial markets last year. How might dollar strength impact emerging […]

Putting the ESG into real estate

Fast reading: ESG highlights: An overview of how our real estate investments performed on net zero, renewable energy, waste reduction, biodiversity and green certifications. How we do it: An overview of how the Real Estate team has developed its ESG integration, including governance and oversight, performance targets, due diligence and responsible management. Case studies: Fleet […]

The time is now: Creditors to negotiate stronger covenants in 2023

Conditions in global credit markets have materially changed over the course of 2022. Tightening policies by central banks to control inflation and investors’ fears of economic slowdown has resulted in a material jump in corporate borrowing costs, a significant reduction in primary issuance and a deterioration in the secondary market. However, we see a silver […]

The Meeting Room: Global Emerging Markets Fund, December 2022

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Hear from Head of Global Emerging Markets, Kunjal Gala along with Vivek Bhutoria and Christopher Clube, as they discuss the outlook for Emerging Markets and present a case for why we expect to see a rising emerging versus developed market growth differential in the years ahead. In doing so, Kunjal will focuses on the secular […]

Fiorino: Leverage will tear us apart, again

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On November 8, the blood moon eclipse pushed more earthbound topics – such as war, inflation and near collapse of the UK financial system – momentarily to the sidelines as people around the world paused to marvel at the blushed red hues of our nearest celestial neighbour. Some may have gazed up and wondered how […]

ESG Materiality, Q4 2022

Key voting season trends in emerging markets