Federated Hermes launches ‘Article 9’ Sustainable Global IG Credit Fund

Federated Hermes Limited has launched the Federated Hermes Sustainable Global Investment Grade Credit Fund with cornerstone investor CCLA, a sustainable investment pioneer. The Fund will be co-managed by senior portfolio managers Nachu Chockalingam and Orla Garvey. The Fund seeks to deliver a total return with a reduced environmental footprint compared to the benchmark, which is […]

Sustainable Global Equity Report, Q1 2023

China’s ‘great reopening’

Lifting the lid on packaging and food waste

Plastic packaging has a key role to play in the global food system, protecting perishable items and extending the shelf life of fresh produce. However, this is exacerbating the problem of plastic pollution, with progress to reduce plastic waste driven mainly by recycling, rather than the elimination of single-use plastic. Estimates published by climate action […]

Biodiversity Equity Report, Q4 2022

Grow more; grow smarter

Protect, sustain, restore: Why the Amazon matters

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank Dr Adriana De Palma, Dr Gareth E Thomas, Sara Contu, and Prof. Andy Purvis from the Natural History Museum for providing the data and analysis contained within this report. The Amazon rainforest, home to some 10% of known species on earth, is a lynchpin for global biodiversity. Here, the […]

Sustainable Global Equity Report, Q4 2022

The inflation game-changer

Why cheap palm oil is a price the planet can’t pay

Palm oil is used in 70% of cosmetic and personal hygiene products, including soap bars, toothpaste and face creams. It is also a key ingredient in staple foods such as bread and margarine, as well as treats such as chocolate, ice cream and biscuits. Its natural preservative qualities help to extend the shelf life of […]

Sustainable Global Equity, 2022 Q3 report

Are global supply chains on the mend?

360°, Q3 2022

Rates, recovery, recession

European Equities Sustainability Report, H1 2022

In our latest Sustainability Report from the European Equities team, we take a closer look at two portfolio holdings at the cutting edge of healthcare innovation and discuss how they are helping to support efforts to end epidemics and reduce the mortality rate of non-communicable diseases. Key Points: Overview of the objectives of SDG 3 […]