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360°, Q2 2024:

Can strong technicals lead to stronger fundamentals?

21 May 2024 |
Active ESG
2024 has, so far, been broadly defined by idiosyncratic events, volatility and dispersion. For that reason, in our latest 360° report, our credit team emphasise the importance of credit selection from here.
360°, Q2 2024

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  • Commentary: Can strong technicals lead to stronger fundamentals?
  • Economic outlook: The macroeconomic environment is fraught with risks, but first quarter data has beaten expectations.
  • Corporate fundamentals: With the higher rate environment starting to impact corporate credits, selection remains key.
  • Structured credit: The market has proven resilient this quarter, weathering recent geopolitical storms and demonstrating an ability to ride periods of volatility with more calm.

360°, Q2 2024

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As fixed income markets evolve through the economic cycle, so too does our thinking. For a view on how the investment landscape has changed, read some of our reports from the past year below:

360°, Q2 2024

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