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Sustainable Wealth Creation – our sole purpose since 1983

As pioneers of ESG integration and stewardship, we have been at the forefront of responsible investing since 1983. We aim to deliver sustainable wealth creation that enriches investors, benefits society and preserves the environment – for current generations and those to come.


Active ownership

We act as a responsible steward of investments through dialogue, using our rights as investors and taking action where necessary.


ESG integration

We believe environmental, social, and governance integration and engagement is important for all asset classes and investment strategies.

Sustainable Wealth Creation

Ever since our 1983 origin, our purpose has been to provide Sustainable Wealth Creation: generating wealth through investments that enrich investors, society and the environment over the long term. From day one through to today, this purpose drives everything we do.

Delivering Sustainable Wealth Creation


All our investment capabilities aim to deliver Sustainable Wealth Creation through active, responsible investment and effective stewardship over genuine long-term horizons, promoting intergenerational fairness.

Our purpose of delivering Sustainable Wealth Creation is overseen by Saker Nusseibeh, CBE, our CEO, and three instrumental operations: the Investment Office, our stewardship team in EOS at Federated Hermes, and the Responsibility Office.

Learn more about our holistic approach in 'The Why Question' by our CEO Saker Nusseibeh.

EOS at Federated Hermes (EOS)

EOS is a world-leading provider of stewardship services, helping long-term institutional investors to achieve their fiduciary responsibilities and be more active owners of companies. Founded in 2004 on a legacy dating back to 1983, EOS advises on more than $1.3tn in assets under advice to deliver corporate engagement and proxy voting services.1

We believe that stewardship is vital in achieving our purpose: generating Sustainable Wealth Creation.

  1. 1Source: Federated Hermes, as at 31 December 2020.

Sustainability viewpoints

Our investment professionals share what sustainability means to them.