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Where does Europe have the edge in technology?

24 January 2024 |
Active ESG
In this video insight, Fidel Manolopoulos, Co-Head of EMEA, Private Equity, discusses the outlook for technology companies in Europe at the present time.
  • This European tech sector has grown substantially. The software market, particularly, is an enabler for a lot of common applications. A number of highly differentiated companies operate this space – such as B2B software and enterprise applications firms – providing efficiencies to corporates. A number of European tech hubs are linked to universities.
  • The current valuation environment is a return to normality. The two years that followed the Covid-19 pandemic were extraordinary in terms of market activity, which led to unprecedented rises in valuations. The market is now undergoing a balancing out. In Europe, valuations are returning to levels more in line with long-term averages.

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