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Delivering Sustainable Wealth Creation since 1983.

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Our mission – to generate Sustainable Wealth Creation – ensures we aim to provide best-in-class investment solutions.

These capabilities are informed by decades of specialist experience, innovation and drive to lead the evolution of investing through a responsibility lens and stewardship.

Products, prices and performance

For the latest performance and vital information – including factsheets, prices, key facts, identifiers and ratings.


Characterised by proprietary fundamental, environmental, social and governance (ESG) and engagement research.


Value-seeking approach based on fundamental analysis, a macro perspective and rigorous security selection for diversified, risk-managed portfolios.

Private Markets

Offers suitable investors a broad range of private market investment solutions across four asset classes: real estate, infrastructure, private equity and private debt.

Our unique approach

Our focus on Sustainable Wealth Creation aims to ensure that our investment capabilities are guided by this philosophy and driven by a fusion of four characteristics. These are:

SWC equation

High-active-share fundamental investment.

Best in class ESG integration in public and private markets.

Effective and active stewardship to act as responsible owners.

Overseen by the Responsibility Office

Our investment capabilities aim to deliver Sustainable Wealth Creation through active, responsible investment and effective stewardship over genuine long-term horizons, promoting intergenerational fairness.

This approach provides three investment pathways focused. Equally powerful in fulfilling our purpose, they are defined by the outcomes our investors seek.

Active ESG


Responsible, active investing for long-term performance.


Financial & Sustainability

Thematic and values-based approaches for sustainable outcomes.


Financial & Impact

Mission-led investment strategies to create positive impact.

Solutions across the spectrum

As well as funds, we offer best-in-class, bespoke solutions across the Sustainable Wealth Creation spectrum and have an exciting range of capabilities to meet our clients’ desired sustainable outcomes, such as meeting climate-focused targets and contributing to the low-carbon transition.

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Classification de nos fonds en vertu du SFDR

Mis en place par l’UE et entré en vigueur le 10 mars 2021, le Règlement sur la publication d’informations en matière de durabilité dans le secteur des services financiers (SFDR) vise à améliorer la transparence des acteurs des marchés financiers en ce qui concerne les informations relatives à la durabilité. Le SFDR exige des gérants d’actifs qu’ils fournissent des informations standardisées sur la manière dont les facteurs environnementaux et sociaux sont intégrés au niveau de l’entité et du produit. 

We support greater transparency and a clearer framework around how environmental and social factors are considered in financial markets.

En vertu du SFDR, les fonds sont classés en trois catégories :

Article 6

  • Produits financiers non couverts par les articles 8 ou 9
  • Caractéristiques du produit : Les risques et opportunités en matière de développement durable ne sont pas un élément moteur de la prise de décision d’investissement

Article 8

  • Produits financiers favorisant les caractéristiques environnementales ou sociales.
  • Caractéristiques du produit : une prise en compte solide et manifeste des facteurs ESG lors du processus d’investissement.​

Article 9

  • Produits financiers ayant un objectif de durabilité ciblé.
  • Caractéristiques du produit : objectifs et intentionnalité spécifiques en matière de durabilité, qui peuvent être évalués et communiqués.​

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