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Fund Selector Masterclass - Global Equities

3 July 2024 |
In this Fund Selector Masterclass, expert panellists, including Martin Todd, Portfolio Manager of Sustainable Global Equity at Federated Hermes, is joined by a top fund selector to discuss global equities, where they see opportunities and what's ahead for H2 2024 and beyond.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Mega cap tech stocks: threat or opportunity for global investors
  2. Identifying and pricing innovation and sustainable companies
  3. The role of human capital in generating high returns to investors

Fund Selector:

Richard Rainback, EFG


Fred Mahon, Fund Manager, Human Capital Fund, Church House

Mikhail Zverev, Fund Manager, Amati Global Innovation Fund, Amati Global Investors

Martin Todd, Portfolio Manager, Sustainable Global Equity Fund,
Federated Hermes Limited

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