What’s up with the yellow metal?

Gold is currently trading around $2,375 per ounce, just below its recent all-time high of $2,450 per ounce. Gold prices historically rise when inflation is increasing, when investors are looking for a safe investment in anticipation of a recession or because they fear the dollar is weakening. Yet none of these conditions seems to hold. […]

The case for bonds (as rates inch towards normalisation)


Emerging markets update, July 2024

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Global Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Une impasse:

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Trade finance made simple

What is trade finance? Trade finance can best be viewed of as a sub-set of the loan market. It is relatively short-term loans used to finance the physical flow of goods, using those goods as the primary source of collateral within the loan. How is our approach to trade finance different? The Federated Hermes approach […]

10 questions for 10 years: The Global Equity ESG Fund

Fast reading The Global Equity ESG Fund offers a hybrid quantitative and fundamental investment approach which has been successful not only in identifying global outperformers across sectors, but has grown to become one of the largest ESG funds available in the market. The quant model identifies the best companies to evaluate in greater detail. Our […]

And markets shrugged…

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Fund Selector Masterclass – Global Equities

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Learning outcomes: Mega cap tech stocks: threat or opportunity for global investors Identifying and pricing innovation and sustainable companies The role of human capital in generating high returns to investors Fund Selector: Richard Rainback, EFG Speakers: Fred Mahon, Fund Manager, Human Capital Fund, Church House Mikhail Zverev, Fund Manager, Amati Global Innovation Fund, Amati Global […]

Much to celebrate, much to discuss

If cash is king – and we certainly think so – it held court last month in Pittsburgh. The annual Crane Data Money Fund Symposium took place in the conference centre attached to our global headquarters, and what a court it was. More than 600 portfolio managers, salespeople and clients came to celebrate the industry’s […]

Lula’s spending plans unnerve Brazilian investors

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