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Collapse frequency: deposits, liquidity, and the new bank-body problem

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‘Black-body radiation’ – a phrase first dreamed up by Gustav Kirchoff in 1862 – is both a marvel of classic physics and a signal player in its undoing. The multi-talented Kirchoff was the first to mathematically formalise the relationship between radiation falling on an idealised black body and the subsequent frequencies of heat energy emitted […]

The case for Chinese equities

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Falling inflation brightens US outlook

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European Equities Sustainability Report

Fast reading: The electric vehicle (EV) market has the potential to deliver strong growth and long-term outperformance both in terms of financial returns and driving sustainable change. Companies that provide key components to the auto industry and boast significant market share can provide a compelling way to gain indirect exposure to the market. We prefer […]

Federated Hermes China Equity Strategy webcast

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Stock picking through the noise

Financial stability concerns back to the fore

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Will the latest rate hike be the last?

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Markets tread water as world hits demographic tipping point

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The Meeting Room: Asia ex-Japan, March 2023

Hear from Jonathan Pines, CFA, Lead Portfolio Manager and Sandy Pei, CFA, Deputy Portfolio Manager, as they reflect on recent performance and discuss the outlook for the region from both a market and portfolio positioning perspective.