China: The unloved trade

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SDG Engagement Equity: 2023 Annual Report

Stone piled on stone

A focus on decent work

Markets soar on summer rate cut hopes

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Politics and the investor

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Whichever way you cut it, 2024 will be a testing year for some of the world’s biggest democracies. Seven of the world’s ten most populous nations will go to the polls, accounting for a third of global GDP and a quarter of its population (see charts and table below). In May, India’s billion-strong electorate will […]

Your Questions Answered: Unconstrained Credit

What is the argument for using a flexible credit solution at a time when government bonds and higher credits are attractive? There’s a couple of ways to answer that. The first is that I believe it’s just a better reflection of the marketplace that you’re investing in. If you think about it from the point […]

Six reasons to consider an unconstrained approach to credit

Reason 1: Investors with the ability to manage duration can accommodate even a higher-for-longer scenario Consensus expectations see developed market CPIs coming close to target in 2024 as tight monetary policy constrains activity, unemployment slowly picks up and labour market pressures cool. Developed-market central banks have indicated they see themselves at the peak of the […]

The stars (and stripes) align: The overlooked appeal of US SMID

Fast reading While about one third of the S&P 500 is accounted for by the ‘Magnificent Seven’, the Federated Hermes US SMID Equity team have 2500 stocks to choose from (from the Russell 2500 Index) and no single group that dominates. US SMID companies – with a market capitalisation of between US$1bn to US$15bn – […]

Investors prep for June rate cuts

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Global Equity ESG, Annual Report 2023

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Fast reading Annual review 2023: How the strategy fared over a turbulent year. Engagement overview: 109 engagement objectives with 78 companies engaged. Plus, an update on our progress in 2023. Introducing the new QESG 3.0: The next generation. The team’s assessment of ESG – the QESG Score – is embedded directly within our stock selection […]

Fiorino: Where physics meets finance

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Basel lies 251km due northeast by road from Geneva, putting a precise Swiss measure on the distance between big finance and big science. Headquartered in the Geneva suburb of Meryin, CERN1 has served as the global mecca of particle physics research since it switched on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2008. Via the LHC […]