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EM credit: from top to bottom, signs point to a strong 2019
Top-down and fundamental factors support robust performance by emerging-market credit instruments.
The inflation story: 2019 and beyond
In this issue of Ahead of the Curve, we assess the prospects for inflation in the US and the eurozone.
Despite a correction, emerging markets are the correct place to be
This year, US and Asian markets have so far bounced back – but that is where the similarity ends.
Macro Watch
Fed to release FOMC meeting minutes; flash PMIs to stabilise; Fitch to review Italy’s credit rating
Mind the gap: confronting pay disparity in healthcare
Women outnumber men in the nursing profession by 10 to 1, but they earn 10% less than them.
Shareholder Rights Directive: A step towards sustainable capitalism
The Shareholder Rights Directive survey, A step towards sustainable capitalism, conducted with 175 European institutional investors to gauge levels of awareness and readiness for the Shareholder Rights Directive II, reveals that only a staggering 3% believe their organisation already meets all the requirements of the Directive.

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