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The value of investments and income from them may go down as well as up, and you may not get back the original amount invested.


We are experienced investors with a broad skill base and a cohesive style. Our forward-looking, client-focused partnership approach has demonstrated resilience over many decades, allowing us to deliver a broad range of solutions for investors.

Why Federated Hermes Private Equity?

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Differentiated sources of alpha

On account of our flexible approach, market reach and close industry connections forged over 30 years of private equity investing, we are able to access some of the fastest-growing companies in the world via our range of client-centric solutions. The size of the companies we currently focus on creates a low correlation with many competitors’ portfolios and allows us to access the top-line growth and long-term profitability of lesser-known corporates.

Alongside our current lower mid-market focus, our co-investment strategy aims to build a sufficiently diversified portfolio of leading, high-growth companies. Our secondaries capabilities are targeted towards helping to build diversified exposure to high-quality companies and private equity managers.

Strong cashback profile

A core tenet of our investment strategy is to exit positions in a timely way with a focus on delivering cashback to investors. Our cash-return profile is robust and differentiates us against many peers in the industry, in which many private equity funds remain unliquidated amid an industry-wide slowdown in exits. We remain highly committed to returning cash to investors as well as redeploying funds to the next high-growth opportunity.

Seeking diversified all-weather returns

We believe that diversification by thesis, geography and sector minimises exposure to any particular source of systemic risk. The majority of companies we back have an enterprise value of less than $500m with a secular growth profile and limited usage of leverage. Their unique risk profile calls for a highly specialised investment approach. By investing through funds and co-investments, we seek to build a highly diversified balanced portfolio that aims to deliver consistent returns throughout the market cycle and across many vintages, while mitigating risk. By virtue of the diversity of the managers we partner with, our portfolio targets a lower risk profile than the typical private equity exposure.

Client partnership in action

Our partnership approach to investing places clients at the forefront of our thinking. We are committed to building rewarding relationships that seek to deliver superior results as part of the solutions we focus on providing to meet our clients’ needs.

How we invest

Future-focused solutions:

Our portfolios are largely focused on growth buyouts and small/mid-sized companies with high growth. We aim to construct portfolios sufficiently diversified across theme, sector, vintage, and region.

Working in partnership with a global network of established and ‘next-generation’ managers, we seek to provide the following client-centric offerings:


We actively invest alongside leading GPs directly in fast-growing companies in the lower mid-market. Our co-investments strategy forms an integral part of our Private Equity offering.

Primary funds

We are active investors in primary funds with a particular focus on ‘next-generation’ managers around the globe.


We offer access to the secondary market through a dedicated team covering sell-side opportunities to proactively support the liquidity needs of existing clients. We also provide access to buy-side opportunities through our dedicated secondaries programme.

Other bespoke strategies

Alongside our co-investment and primary fund programme we work closely and collaboratively with our clients to develop bespoke investment strategies to meet specific investment objectives and selectively manage a range of separately managed discretionary and non-discretionary accounts.

Who we are

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Closely connected for enhanced outcomes

Heritage and track record​

We have been connecting clients to Private Markets opportunities since our first real estate investment in 1983.​

Client-centric investing​

We’re passionate about connecting clients to innovative investment solutions that seek to deliver financial, as well as social and environmental returns.​

Access to high-quality investment opportunities​

Our 40+ year track record is driven by a mindset of building and nurturing long lasting relationships that deliver outcomes.​

Enhanced outcomes and portfolio diversification

We believe our experience, deep networks and partnership approach enable us to get clients closer to the opportunities in Private Markets – because we are.

Uncover the real potential
in Private Markets

Connect with us to find out more:

Jakob Nilsson

Executive Director - Head of Private Markets Sales ex US

Existing clients can also contact our IR team: IR[email protected]