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Sustainable Global Equity Report, Q1 2023

China’s ‘great reopening’

15 February 2023 |
China’s road to reopening should act as a catalyst for emerging markets and global growth in general, while retaining a focus on common prosperity and decarbonisation.
Sustainable Global Equity, Q1 2023

Fast reading:

  • The abandoning of China’s strict zero-Covid policy and the announcement of a range of stimulus measures should drive a resurgence in outbound travel, an easing of global supply-chain pressures, and an increase in growth both domestically and more widely.
  • While there are potential pitfalls, the change of approach demonstrates that Xi Jinping is not inflexible, and that the Chinese leadership recognises that its goal of common prosperity is difficult to achieve unless the country’s economy is growing.

Other highlights from this edition include: 

  • Case study: We take a closer look at portfolio holding AIA Group, a Hong Kong-listed American insurer with a focus on the Asian market, and explain why we believe the company is well positioned to benefit from increasing demand for financial products from the region’s growing middle class.
  • Q4 engagement themes and environmental data: A comprehensive overview of the strategy’s ESG footprint, as well as analysis of the areas of engagement with portfolio companies undertaken by the team.

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Sustainable Global Equity Report, Q1 2023

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Sustainable Global Equity, Q1 2023

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