Investors size up far-reaching implications of AI boom

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What gives, corporate hybrids?


Meet the Manager: Sandy Pei

What’s your role at Federated Hermes? I’m deputy portfolio manager of the Federated Hermes Asia ex-Japan Equity Strategy and co-portfolio manager of the Federated Hermes China Equity Strategy. What did you want to be when you were younger, and how did you get started in your career? When I was a little girl, I wanted […]

Raising the roof

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The seven pillars of AT1 wisdom

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Collapse frequency: deposits, liquidity, and the new bank-body problem

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‘Black-body radiation’ – a phrase first dreamed up by Gustav Kirchoff in 1862 – is both a marvel of classic physics and a signal player in its undoing. The multi-talented Kirchoff was the first to mathematically formalise the relationship between radiation falling on an idealised black body and the subsequent frequencies of heat energy emitted […]

Uncut gems: The evolution of ESG in EM sovereign debt

The lack of a systematic means of integrating ESG factors into the processes that underpin EM sovereign debt investment has led to a widespread overdependence on exclusions and quantitative data – which is often backwards looking – and typically fails to reflect the realities on the ground. In this paper, we look at challenges EM […]

The case for Chinese equities

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Falling inflation brightens US outlook

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Federated Hermes China Equity Strategy webcast

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Stock picking through the noise