A just transition

2024 Outlook

Natural capital: the call of the wild

2024 Outlook

Renewables: winds of change

2024 Outlook

Biodiversity investing: three drivers of alpha

For glass-half-full enthusiasts, a scan of recent headlines about the health of our planet makes for grim reading. Not only was September the warmest on record, but the northern hemisphere experienced its hottest summer since records began. Globally in 2023, the world is on track for temperatures far in excess of the long-term annual average.1 […]

Spectrum Q3 2023: No robots were harmed in the making of this report

Red light

In a 1962 collection of short stories, sci-fi sage Arthur C Clarke postulated his third law, that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Now, as we push through the second decade of the 21st century and into a future seemingly set up for AI, Clarke’s law appears more apt than ever. Through the […]

Sustainable fixed income: Five questions answered

Question one: How does engagement in fixed income work in practice? It’s a myth that engagement in the realm of fixed income is less effective than for equities. Our multi-decade experience of deep engagement with companies issuing debt illustrates this – and we have a solid track record that underlines how effective engagement can be […]

Financial inclusion and banking

A billion-person opportunity?

Impact Opportunities Fund, Q4 2022

The UN estimates that currently, 73 million people live in countries with high and critical levels of water stress. By 2030, billions will lack access to safe drinking water, toilets and handwashing facilities – unless the pace of progress increases fourfold. As an investor that aims to generate positive and sustainable change, we see poor […]

Protect, sustain, restore: Why the Amazon matters

Amazon forest

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank Dr Adriana De Palma, Dr Gareth E Thomas, Sara Contu, and Prof. Andy Purvis from the Natural History Museum for providing the data and analysis contained within this report. The Amazon rainforest, home to some 10% of known species on earth, is a lynchpin for global biodiversity. Here, the […]

Climate Change High Yield Credit Annual Report, 2022

Fast reading As well as the usual performance and carbon footprint data, this latest report from the Climate Change High Yield team takes a close look at how the Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD) has helped increase the accountability of companies around the world as they report on sustainability. Elsewhere, we provide an overview of how […]