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Impact Opportunities Equity, Q4 2023

29 December 2023 |
Until recently, countering both diabetes and obesity largely focused on prevention – unfortunately with limited success. However, recent medical advances present the opportunity to manage diabetes more effectively, and to treat both type-2 diabetes and obesity with highly effective drugs – something we view as a major impact opportunity.
Impact Opportunities Equity, Q4 2023

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  • Around 537 million people worldwide have diabetes1, while over 650 million are obese2 – and numbers are rising rapidly. With both conditions linked to a wide range of other serious medical issues, countering these two silent killers is one of the key healthcare and social challenges of the 21st
  • Diabetes is not a new problem; however, the impact of modern lifestyles has resulted in a huge surge in cases of type-2 diabetes. Given the limited impact of public health campaigns, effective treatments are vital to reduce the social and economic cost.
  • Being overweight is both a major cause of type-2 diabetes and a factor in numerous other diseases, including heart attacks, strokes, osteoarthritis and cancer. As obesity becomes recognised as a public health issue, the pathway to effective treatment is opening.

Impact Opportunities Equity, Q4 2023

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Impact Opportunities Equity, Q4 2023

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