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Ahead of the Curve, Q4 2022

9 November 2022 |
In our quarterly macroeconomic update, Silvia Dall’Angelo, Senior Economist, provides her outlook for the global economy amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, inflationary pressures and mounting fears of a recession. Is there still ground for optimism? Read our update to find out more.
Ahead of the Curve: Q4 2022

Fast reading:

  • Macro outlook: The European energy crisis, mounting inflation (implying tighter monetary policies), and a poorly performing Chinese economy are all battling for the spotlight on the stage of economic uncertainty.
  • The geopolitics of high inflation: While policy decisions are often the results of short-term pressures, recent geopolitical developments can provide some guidance with respect to some inflationary trends.
  • COP27 and the North-South divide: Will the summit try to emphasise the view from developing countries, with the potential of a sharpening North-South divide?

Ahead of the Curve: Q4 2022

Ahead of the Curve: Q4 2022

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