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Impact Opportunities Equity, Q1 2023

The electric revolution

30 March 2023 |
In our latest quarterly update, we consider the future of the electric revolution and ask: Is the EV market at an inflection point? Looking forward, what will prove the best way to play this theme?
Impact Opportunities Equity, Q1 2023

Fast reading:

  • Short-term challenges including the energy crisis in Europe, the end of Chinese subsidies and global recession fears may slow the momentum behind electric vehicle sales in 2023. However, over the long term, we expect the EV market to experience huge growth.
  • EV start-ups are battling to scale, capture market share and reach profitability, while legacy automakers are largely cannibalising their own traditional internal combustion engine vehicle sales. As a result, we believe exposure through suppliers is the best way to invest in this theme.
  • Also in this report: An update on the strategy’s exposure by impact theme, plus, a closer look at portfolio holding, IDM manufacturer STMicroelectronics.

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Impact Opportunities Equity, Q1 2023

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Impact Opportunities Equity, Q1 2023

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