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As a merger revives the US energy sector, are there more deals in the pipeline?
Last week, US oil major Chevron announced plans to buy its smaller peer Anadarko.
Advancing the human capital agenda
The success of a business is aligned to the satisfaction of employees
Macro Watch
Fed meeting in focus; May calls a third Brexit vote ahead of EU summit
Public Engagement Report, Q4 2018
Greening our world: how investors are tackling climate change
The inflation story: 2019 and beyond
In this issue of Ahead of the Curve, we assess the prospects for inflation in the US and the eurozone.
Despite a correction, emerging markets are the correct place to be
This year, US and Asian markets have so far bounced back – but that is where the similarity ends.
Video: Impact Opportunities - First year summary
Tim Crockford, Lead Manager of the Strategy, takes a look back at 2018 for the Strategy and discusses what is driving demand for impact investing.
Engine room: credit insights from the Detroit Motor Show
The Detroit Motor Show coincides with a smattering of industry conferences to make January a busy month in the automotive sector – and a good source of intelligence for credit investors. This time, the insights we gained reaffirmed our conviction in a long-held relative-value trade involving two giants from the Motor City.
Infographic: Market Risk Insights, Q4 2018
Investors scanning the risk universe observed traces of volatility in February and then calm skies until the end of the third quarter. The scenario has changed, with equity markets flaring in October and November. Seasoned asset-gazers may not be surprised – in our view, market pressures have been building for some time amid slowing growth and trade tensions – and we continue to recommend that investors consider the full gamut of risks and commit to a long-term view as they chart a course ahead.