Public declaration of voting recommendations

The ability to vote at company meetings is a fundamental shareholder right available to investors in most jurisdictions and is a key pillar of stewardship, enabling shareholders to hold companies to account and protect their long-term interests. EOS at Federated Hermes1 provides stewardship services to clients, including engagement and voting recommendations. Occasionally, EOS publicises certain voting […]

Paying a fair share

Public services are under immense strain in many countries in the wake of the pandemic, with soaring inflation adding to the pressure. Against this backdrop, it is vital that tax burdens are distributed proportionately, rather than falling on the most vulnerable segments of the population. However, some multinational companies employ aggressive tax practices to minimise […]

Why cheap palm oil is a price the planet can’t pay

Palm oil is used in 70% of cosmetic and personal hygiene products, including soap bars, toothpaste and face creams. It is also a key ingredient in staple foods such as bread and margarine, as well as treats such as chocolate, ice cream and biscuits. Its natural preservative qualities help to extend the shelf life of […]

Public Engagement Report Q3 2022

Fast Reading Why palm oil’s popularity is a planet-sized problem How regulators are cracking down on aggressive corporate tax practices Climate-related shareholder resolutions in Japan receive strong support Palm oil’s usefulness means that it is found in everything from food to soap. Strong demand and high yields make it an attractive crop for growers, but […]

Animal farming and ESG: a sector where some are more equal than others

The animal farming industry entered the pandemic widely regarded as an ESG laggard: a sector noted for its high greenhouse gas emissions, unethical treatment of livestock, and intensive land and water use, and a leading global cause of deforestation. The Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR) initiative found the industry has done ‘too little […]

Social issues rise up voting season agenda

This year we saw record numbers of shareholder proposals at major US companies, including many on social issues, against a backdrop of soaring inflation and a tumultuous political environment. These covered topics such as paid sick leave, employee representation on boards, reproductive rights risks, unionisation, and animal welfare, some of which were supported by high-profile […]

The spoils of the pandemic: in this together?

The annual publication of the Forbes rich list has become a much-followed media ritual, however, in 2022, the unveiling of the list served as a stark reminder – for those who cared to see it – of the asymmetrical impact of the pandemic. The world’s 10 richest men more than doubled their fortunes during the […]

Money to burn?

Methane accounts for about 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, but is more effective than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere over the short term. So curbing methane emissions this decade would buy valuable time for big carbon-emitting sectors to find viable solutions. The importance of methane was recognised at COP26 when the […]

The wages of fear

Runaway fuel and food prices, and the Covid-19 pandemic, have pushed many people closer to the brink of destitution over the last two years. The climate crisis is also negatively impacting working conditions for millions of people around the globe. Low-income outdoor workers, such as those employed in agriculture or construction, are especially vulnerable to […]

The modern meal deal: a constant craving

Our global food systems are dysfunctional – obesity has nearly tripled since 1975, yet undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies remain. In developed countries, unhealthy, ultra-processed food can be cheaper than healthy, raw ingredients, while Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked food price inflation that is squeezing household budgets around the globe. However, the growing demand for […]