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A world-class portfolio stressing sustainable real estate investments.


A world-class portfolio stressing sustainable real estate investments.

Chris Taylor

CEO, Hermes Real Estate

Federated Hermes Real Estate offers client-focused property investment solutions through segregated and pooled structures, seeking to maximise risk-adjusted returns. Federated Hermes Real Estate is one of the largest real estate managers in the UK, with £7.1 billion* of assets under management (GAV) in both UK and international portfolios.

We are organised along client-focused investment and asset management specialisms, supported by a central team providing robust risk management oversight, research and corporate finance support. We also work in partnership with our related companies, MEPC and Argent, combining our expertise in conjunction with these specialist platforms to deliver our client offering.The investment process adopts a top-down portfolio risk management and bottom-up property selection to target assets that are highly competitive within their local marketplaces and which have sustainable income streams.

We believe it is imperative to understand how occupiers assess property in order to fully assess risk. We believe that a responsible, sustainable approach to real estate investment management is the only strategy that both protects and enhances the value of our clients’ assets, now and into the future. Therefore our principles of Responsible Property Investment (RPI) are fully integrated within our investment process.

*As at 30 September 2021. Source: Federated Hermes Real Estate.

A world class portfolio stressing sustainable real estate investments.