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Beyond the façade

Real estate debt

3 June 2024 |
While some construction projects seek to preserve the façade and replace the interior, the opposite can also be possible: preserving a building while replacing the façade. And this approach can create compelling investment opportunities.
FHL European Real Estate Debt report Q2 2024

Fast reading

  • The streets of Europe are graced with many ugly buildings in central locations that struggle to meet current standards for energy efficiency or attract tenants willing to pay a decent rent.
  • Ugly does not, however, mean structurally obsolete. The ugliest buildings can prove attractive to an investor because they can be cheap to buy, and, as a result, have significant potential for commercially viable refurbishment.
  • An untapped opportunity exists to generate positive impact by transforming buildings that are structurally sound but visually unlovable and make them fit for the 21st century.

FHL European Real Estate Debt report Q2 2024

FHL European Real Estate Debt report Q2 2024

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