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Navigating the energy transition

4 November 2020 |
Active ESG
The energy transition is an existential long-term risk for oil and gas companies, as the move away from fossil fuels towards low-carbon technologies impacts demand for hydrocarbons. How can debt issuers future-proof their businesses to survive – and indeed thrive – in a net-zero global economy?
New order: navigating the energy transition

As the world mobilises to tackle climate change, it will be critical for oil and gas debt issuers to clarify what part they could play in a decarbonising world and how the transition will affect their business models.

In our Q4 2020 edition of Spectrum, we consider our role as active, responsible credit investors and how we can develop a holistic understanding of corporate transition risks and actions to mitigate them. To find out more, read the full report.

New order: navigating the energy transition

New order: navigating the energy transition

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