Global Emerging Markets Equity: Outlook 2024

Well positioned for a rebound in EM growth stocks

Equities rally as sentiment brightens

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The Meeting Room: Global Emerging Markets Fund, November 2023

Lake between the mountains

Hear from Head of Global Emerging Markets, Kunjal Gala along with Christopher Clube and James Cook, as they deliver an in-depth analysis of the macroeconomic environment in emerging markets, discussing key economic drivers benefitting emerging markets, such as the transformation of China into a higher value-added economy, India’s GDP growth momentum and the easing cycle […]

Moment of truth

Fast reading: Corporate fundamentals have had a good run – but it may be time to be more cautious. Dispersion could be a key theme for 2024. Credit analysis will come to the fore as an expected economic slowdown winnows out winners from losers. The maturity wall: Not what you might expect. Refinancing should be […]

Not your average credit cycle

Three things we learned: Issuers are preparing for a new normal. Nothing’s written in stone but higher for longer has already profoundly affected credit market fundamentals. Dispersion could be a central theme of 2024. Short-term money markets have not witnessed significant outflows… yet. Expectations are for asset growth to continue into 2024 but will be driven by institutional […]

Expert insights on the short end of the curve

Short Term Investments Committee

High-wire act: Is it possible to quell inflation and to avoid a recession?

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Has the ESG bubble burst?

Fast reading: The Global Equity team have been researching ESG since 2007, just a few years after the United Nations Global Compact first popularised the term, and integrating ESG into their investments for over a decade. Over the past 15 years, the team has both observed and demonstrated the added value that ESG can offer. […]

360°, Q4 2023:

Debt, deficit, dispelling doubts

Identifying ‘rising stars’ amid a darkening fundamental outlook

Indeed, at the most recent count, this cohort outnumbered their counterparts going in the other direction – ‘fallen angels’1. This is surprising given the broader economic outlook. Tighter policy has raised the cost of borrowing, and lending standards have tightened – both of which have curtailed the supply of credit and constrained economic activity. Indeed, […]