The Credit Call: Unconstrained Credit, October 2022


Key topics include: Macro overview – what do inflation and Central Bank policies mean for credit and why should you maintain a credit asset allocation? 2020 vs 2022 – comparing and contrasting two different crises Focus on the Unconstrained Credit Fund – year to date performance, positioning and outlook Share:

Inflation still stubbornly high despite central bank hikes

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Spectrum Q3 2022

Have alternatives gone mainstream?

View from Private Markets: Reappraising the value of real estate debt

Fast reading In the years following the global financial crisis, low rates reduced absolute returns for real estate lenders, but that is set to change now that rates are rising. Defensive real estate debt strategies should be largely protected from short-term property value declines, and may actually benefit from the rising rates environment. An allocation […]

UK government woes continue to overshadow markets

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360°, Q3 2022

Rates, recovery, recession

The Meeting Room: Asia ex-Japan, September 2022

Hear from Jonathan Pines, and Sandy Pei, CFA, Deputy Portfolio Manager, Asia ex-Japan, as they reflect on recent performance and discuss the outlook for the region from both a market and portfolio positioning perspective. Share:

Expectations of Fed pivot begin to gain traction

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Fiorino: Can Europe’s banks withstand high-pressure energy disruption?

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As Europe grapples with a gas crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, investors are facing up to a fundamental truth: energy is everything. Russia’s efforts to restrict, or cut off, the flow of natural gas to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which runs under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, has […]

Markets on edge despite Bank of England intervention

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