Private Markets

Closely connected for
enhanced outcomes

Closely connected for enhanced outcomes

Heritage and track record​

We have been connecting clients to Private Markets opportunities since our first real estate investment in 1983.​

Client-centric investing​

We’re passionate about connecting clients to innovative investment solutions that seek to deliver financial, as well as social and environmental returns.​

Access to high-quality investment opportunities​

Our 40+ year track record is driven by a mindset of building and nurturing long lasting relationships that deliver outcomes.​

Enhanced outcomes and portfolio diversification

We believe our experience, deep networks and partnership approach enable us to get clients closer to the opportunities in Private Markets – because we are.

A diversified Private Markets platform

We have a long track record across multiple Private Markets asset classes and capabilities.
Private Equity

An established team of specialist investors with a commitment to clients and a 30-year track record of global investment excellence.

Private Credit

We aim to be at the forefront of the private credit industry in Europe, providing access to some of the leading loan opportunities in the region.

Real Estate

Client-focused, responsible property investment solutions since 1983. Built on deep industry networks and specialist expertise.


A specialist provider of cost-effective access to largely UK-focused equity investments across a broad spectrum of opportunities.

Natural Capital
UK strategy launching 2024

Targeting long-term investment returns through the preservation and restoration of nature.

Why Federated Hermes Private Markets?

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Connecting clients to opportunities

Our success in Private Markets is founded on our commitment to building and nurturing longstanding partner relationships that deliver impact. The deal origination capabilities of our teams has been developed over decades of being deeply embedded in the asset classes in which we invest. During this time, we have established long-term connections with key industry participants across the relevant sectors and geographies. As a result, our clients have benefited from being able to access a pipeline of some of the highest-potential and hardest-to-reach opportunities in the market.

Long track record

Beginning in 1983, our track record and focus on delivering compelling Private Markets investment returns is, we believe, a result of our partnership mindset, intimate market knowledge and deep networks. In combination with our risk-focused investment approach, we have created an attractive investment range that we tailor for the specific goals of our clients.

Cross-cyclical expertise

Our Private Markets capability comprises five specialist teams of investors with targeted expertise in their respective asset classes. They combine deep, cross-cyclical experience with innovative thinking that has allowed us to build and deploy compelling investment offerings in private capital markets.

Client-centric partnership

We’re passionate about bringing investors closer to the communities, spaces and companies in which they invest, while seeking to deliver superior and long term financial outcomes. The success of our approach is supported by an intimate understanding of clients’ priorities built on a mindset of long-term partnership since our first client solution over 40 years ago.

Heritage and longevity into the

Our longstanding institutional roots afford us extensive knowledge of the needs of institutional clients. Beginning life as a specialist in-house Private Markets team for some of the UK’s largest pension schemes, today we have pooled this expertise and specialise in providing solutions tailored to meet specific client needs and risk/return objectives.

Long-term, relevant and resilient investing through Private Markets

Our commitment to delivering resilient, long-term investment returns to our clients is at the core of every investment decision we make.

Long term, resilient outcomes are a commercial imperative for both ourselves and the businesses we invest in. Our investment approach is grounded in responsibility to our clients and the communities and environments into which we invest on their behalf.

We believe this is central to the enhancement of overall investment performance, enabling us to target superior investment returns and mitigate long-term risk.

Private, and in particular real asset classes, occupy a unique and often integral place in the communities and environments to which they are closely connected. For this reason, a robust and constantly evolving investment framework is essential for delivering value to private market investors over the long term.

Our foremost responsibility as investment managers is to deliver the investment outcomes our clients expect; and addressing critical long-term structural issues represents an important component in fulfilling that obligation.

Connected by Experience

The success of our Private Markets offering is a direct result of the expertise of our people. Our teams are highly connected in their respective markets and respected for the depth of their understanding and experience of investing over all stages of the market cycle.

They are connected by their client focus and commitment to building industry-leading Private Markets strategies.


What defines our platform is our focus on delivering relevant and resilient investment outcomes to our clients.

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