The curious case of Korea’s preference stock discount

Fast reading The small price differentials at which stock classes with differing voting rights trade at on US stock markets shows that investors don’t place a high value on greater voting power even in a market where greater voting power might result in better treatment in the event of a takeover. Korean preference shares are […]

SDG Engagement Equity Q2 2024 case study

Eagle Materials

Impact Opportunities Equity, Q2 2024

Fast reading A thematic approach: Our holdings fit into one or more of nine impact themes aligned with the UN SDGs. Eliminate, circulate, regenerate: How can the Circular Economy address the challenges faced by the planet? Case study: Cintas Case study: Brambles Download Archive: Previous editions Please see previous editions of our Impact Opportunities reporting […]

Artificial intelligence and investing: it’s all about the data

Fast reading ChatGPT and the interest it spawned is the latest step in the broader field of artificial intelligence, which has had a long and colourful history. Generative AI has substantial promise, but the current generation of models poses significant challenges for use in investing. As this field evolves, MDT Advisers will seek to identify […]

Your Questions Answered: Asia ex-Japan

China stocks are ‘cheap’ and are your biggest overweight, yet many investors are shunning the region. What will lead to a sustained rally in Chinese equities? If you’re looking for a sustained rally, a lot of people are waiting for two things to happen. One is signs of the bottoming out of the property market, […]

Does the Fed play dice with the financial system?

A sculpture depicting an ancient animal

God does not play dice with the universe, according to Einstein, but, if he did, the outcome would look something like the chart below – only with somewhere between a vigintillion and acentillion of different particles to rearrange instead of two, six-sided die. Chart 1: Towards entropy Source: Entropy ( The double-die example (as opposed […]

FedSpeak – Liquidity webcast

This webcast has been produced by Federated Hermes Inc. and originally aired on June 13th, 2024. Learn more about our liquidity solutions. Share:

Our outlook for India: The view from the GEMs desk

The excitement about India has resulted in rich valuations. How are you thinking about the valuation of Indian markets and how are you positioned? On valuations, with any metric we look at, the Indian market does screen to be expensive – but we have to think about why investors pay a premium for India, and […]

Today’s healthcare treatment, tomorrow’s healthcare innovation

Fast reading: The healthcare sector is set for continued expansion on the back of ongoing population growth, higher life expectancy, improved availability, continuing innovation and increased personal and institutional spending power. As well as benefiting from this structural growth, life sciences businesses such as contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMOs) and healthcare equipment providers are […]

World Oceans Day: It’s time to take action

However, following centuries of treating the oceans as an inexhaustible resource, at least a third of fish stocks are depleted.1 Meanwhile microplastic pollution has become endemic, with potentially dangerous consequences for human health. In recognition of World Oceans Day last Saturday, in this article we explore the key threats to ocean health, the issues most […]