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SDG Engagement Equity Report, H1 2023

Valued workforces drive outperformance

11 September 2023 |
Active ESG
In this report, we outline our engagement activity for the first six months of 2023. During the period, we once again put emphasis on the role companies can play in supporting their employees.
SDG Engagement Equity 2023 H1 Report

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  • We believe companies should provide decent work opportunities, expanding recruitment pools and ensuring a greater equality of opportunity for promotion within. They should also invest in training and development, enabling upskilling and redeployment. There is ample evidence to demonstrate that companies which value their employees outperform.
  • Studies show that investing in employees’ mental health can enhance productivity and increase innovation. At present, only about 40% of holdings mention mental health as an important concern within corporate disclosures. There is clearly scope for companies to develop robust systems and step up their supportive practices to tackle mental health.
  • In this report, we discuss progress on our engagements at a number of holdings including SSP Group, Breedon and Techtronic Industries. In addition, our engagement commentary focuses on LKQ, the largest recycler of automobiles in the world.

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SDG Engagement Equity 2023 H1 Report

SDG Engagement Equity 2023 H1 Report

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