China Equity

Seeking to deliver long-term outperformance through a contrarian style and absolute return mindset.

Reasons to invest

Strong, stable team with long-term track record

The Asia ex-Japan Equity team has a lot of experience covering the asset class and has worked together for more than a decade.

Large and liquid, with likely increasing importance in key benchmarks

The China A-share market is the second largest globally by market cap, liquidity and turnover.

Low correlation

Low correlations to other global stock exchanges, offering risk-adjusted diversification benefits.


Capital structure inefficiencies provide opportunities to add alpha opportunistically.

Contrarian style is differentiated

A contrarian style and absolute return mindset that we believe works well in volatile and inefficient markets.

Appropriate ESG integration

Effective engagement with companies open to improving their ESG profile.


Sandy Pei
By investing with high conviction in companies leading the sustainability transition, we target financial outperformance and positive outcomes.
Sandy Pei
- Co-portfolio manager

How we invest

High-conviction, bottom-up process industry screening and thematic research
Active engagement to bring about change
Robust risk management framework

Investment philosophy and process

Reducing 7,500 stocks to a high conviction portfolio of 30-60 holdings:
Animation investment process

Aktiv investiert in Asien und Schwellenländer

Lösungen für das gesamte Spektrum


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Jonathan Pines

Jonathan Pines, CFA

Lead Portfolio Manager, Asia ex-Japan, Federated Hermes Limited

Sandy Pei

Sandy Pei, CFA

Deputy Portfolio Manager, Asia ex-Japan, Federated Hermes Limited

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