Banking woes take centre stage

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Markets take a breath after a week of turmoil

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Jittery markets fear return of bigger rate rises

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New data hints rate hiking is far from over

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Outlook for China: When one door opens…

Fast reading: The abandoning of China’s strict zero-Covid policy late last year and the announcement of a range of stimulus measures should drive a resurgence in outbound travel, an easing of global supply-chain pressures, and an increase in growth both domestically and more widely. Owing to its size and rapid development, China had been a major […]

Economies recover against backdrop of growing confidence

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Ahead of the Curve, Q1 2023

Fast reading: In our baseline scenario, global growth will continue to slow in 2023, reflecting a continuation of the themes that dominated 2022. Inflation has moderated but is still running at elevated levels, significantly eroding real disposable incomes. More importantly, the sharp tightening of monetary policy that major central banks (the Federal Reserve notably) implemented […]

Direction of rates hangs over equities rebound

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Fiorino: Many banks, multiple outcomes

A sculpture depicting an ancient animal

Anything can happen. Or, according to one interpretation of quantum mechanics, everything that can happen, does happen. The so-called ‘many worlds’ postulate, first floated in the 1950s by then US physics PhD student, Hugh Everett III, resolves a fundamental enigma of the ‘wave function’ – the mathematical expression of how a quantum system, such as […]

Extinguishing the flame: Has inflation peaked?

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