Lifting the lid on packaging and food waste

Plastic packaging has a key role to play in the global food system, protecting perishable items and extending the shelf life of fresh produce. However, this is exacerbating the problem of plastic pollution, with progress to reduce plastic waste driven mainly by recycling, rather than the elimination of single-use plastic. Estimates published by climate action […]

Seven & i Holdings case study

Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. manage and operate group companies with a wide variety of business operations including convenience stores, superstores, food services and financial services. We have had a longstanding engagement relationship with Seven & i dating back to 2008 when we first challenged the company on board independence, diversity, and low profitability […] case study is a leading Chinese supply-chain-based technology and service provider, and is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world with over 580 million annual active customers. In engagements with the company from 2018, we have raised our expectation for the separation of the roles of CEO and chair of the board, and questioned […]

Alibaba case study

We have engaged with Alibaba on corporate governance since 2015 and ESG strategy and reporting since 2017. With respect to the former, we first raised concerns about lack of shareholder communications in 2015 and insufficient board and committee independence in 2016, which the company acknowledged. Between the years 2018 to 2021, we engaged with the […]

Delta Electronics case study

We first engaged with Delta Electronics in 2020 when it was yet to commit to a longer-term net-zero target. It also had a significant proportion of migrant workers from Southeast Asian countries working in Taiwan and we were concerned about the human rights issue in the foreign migrant workers’ recruitment process. The company also had […]

LandMark Optoelectronics case study

LandMark Optoelectronics engages in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of laser epitaxial wafers and optoelectronics wafers. It specialises in the manufacture of wired communications machinery and equipment, and electronic components.   We started our engagement with LandMark Optoelectronics on climate data disclosure and target-setting in 2018 by regularly meeting with the CFO. We requested the […]

Public declaration of voting recommendations

The ability to vote at company meetings is a fundamental shareholder right available to investors in most jurisdictions and is a key pillar of stewardship, enabling shareholders to hold companies to account and protect their long-term interests. EOS at Federated Hermes1 provides stewardship services to clients, including engagement and voting recommendations. Occasionally, EOS publicises certain voting […]

Why cheap palm oil is a price the planet can’t pay

Palm oil is used in 70% of cosmetic and personal hygiene products, including soap bars, toothpaste and face creams. It is also a key ingredient in staple foods such as bread and margarine, as well as treats such as chocolate, ice cream and biscuits. Its natural preservative qualities help to extend the shelf life of […]

Paying a fair share

Public services are under immense strain in many countries in the wake of the pandemic, with soaring inflation adding to the pressure. Against this backdrop, it is vital that tax burdens are distributed proportionately, rather than falling on the most vulnerable segments of the population. However, some multinational companies employ aggressive tax practices to minimise […]

Public Engagement Report Q3 2022

Fast Reading Why palm oil’s popularity is a planet-sized problem How regulators are cracking down on aggressive corporate tax practices Climate-related shareholder resolutions in Japan receive strong support Palm oil’s usefulness means that it is found in everything from food to soap. Strong demand and high yields make it an attractive crop for growers, but […]