Banking woes take centre stage

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Paradise: a development without the divide

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Markets take a breath after a week of turmoil

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A non-bank lender approach to commercial real estate

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Jittery markets fear return of bigger rate rises

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Nearshoring opportunities brighten Mexico’s outlook

Fast reading: Manufacturing exports account for 40% of Mexico’s GDP. However, its US$400bn exports to the US are smaller than China’s almost US$600bn1. The country is forecast to seize a further US$150bn of export value in the next five years. The US Inflation Reduction Act, which privileges companies producing electric vehicles in the US-Mexico-Canada free […]

New data hints rate hiking is far from over

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Outlook for China: When one door opens…

Fast reading: The abandoning of China’s strict zero-Covid policy late last year and the announcement of a range of stimulus measures should drive a resurgence in outbound travel, an easing of global supply-chain pressures, and an increase in growth both domestically and more widely. Owing to its size and rapid development, China had been a major […]

Asia ex Japan: Mit einem konträren Anlageansatz zu langfristiger Outperformance

Bei langfristigen Investitionen fällt es vielen schwer, den richtigen Zeitpunkt für Zu- oder Abflüsse im Portfolio zu wählen. In puncto Zuflüsse tendieren die meisten zu Fonds, die gut abgeschnitten haben und von denen daher zu erwarten ist, dass sie auch in Zukunft eine positive Performance aufrechterhalten. Umgekehrt sind Nettoabflüsse normal, wenn ein Fonds eine unzureichende […]