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Spectrum: Investing into the decarbonisation paradox

10 June 2022 |
Active ESG
In this latest edition of our quarterly Spectrum report, experts from Federated Hermes consider the question of aluminium. The lightweight metal will play a crucial role in the energy transition but will need to address its own carbon footprint first.
Aluminium: Investing into the decarbonisation paradox
  • Aluminium production is a highly polluting process which contributes 2% of global carbon emissions.
  • The metal has tremendous potential to aid the transition towards clean energy but demand looks set to outstrip supply in coming decades.
  • Technological innovation and increased recycling has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of aluminium producers but more needs to be done to encourage companies to adopt ‘cleaner’ practices.

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Aluminium: Investing into the decarbonisation paradox

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