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Your Questions Answered by Hermes Direct Lending

22 May 2019 |
Active ESG
Your Questions Answered… a quarterly Q&A series featuring the top 10 questions that clients and prospective clients ask our investment teams.

What is direct lending? How did you position your strategy? These are just a couple of the most commonly-asked questions about direct lending by our clients and prospective clients.  

Earlier this month, we sat down with the Hermes Direct Lending team as they tackled the most pressing questions about the asset class. 

1. What is direct lending and why should I invest in it?
2. How do you view the current market?
3. What are your views on the deterioration of loan terms?
4. Why and how did you position your strategy the way you did?
5. How do your bank agreements work?
6. What type of companies do you invest in?
7. What are the typical features of the loans Hermes Direct Lending provide?
8. What does your ESG overlay mean?
9. I can get higher gross yield from unitranche, why should I consider senior secured?
10. Why should I invest in Europe rather than US?
  • The views and opinions contained herein are those of Hermes Direct Lending, and may not necessarily represent views expressed or reflected in other Hermes communications, strategies or products.
  • This commentary is published solely for informational purposes and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments.

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