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FHL exceeds best practice

external assurance report on stewardship and ESG integration

25 July 2022
In an independent external assurance report, undertaken by Prime Advocates, Federated Hermes Limited has exceeded regulatory requirements and current best practices for their stewardship and ESG integration activities across its listed equities, credit, real estate and infrastructure investment portfolios.

In the comprehensive external assurance report, Prime Advocates, a legal and ESG advisory firm, concluded that the majority of Federated Hermes’ responsible ownership, engagement and investment activities and processes, exceed current industry responsible investment requirements.

The assessment highlighted Federated Hermes’ key areas of strength and out-performance of best practice including in its market leading stewardship engagement service and public policy advocacy, ESG expertise and holistic responsible investing approach.

Leon Kamhi, Head of Responsibility at Federated Hermes, said: “Federated Hermes is known for its pioneering work in sustainable investing and stewardship. Prime Advocates assurance work  externally validates the outstanding work our investment and stewardship teams put in, and responds to expectations embedded in the UK Stewardship Code seeking validation on how we deliver sustainable wealth creation for investors”.

Anthony Murphy, Managing Director at Prime Advocates, said: “Using our rigorous assurance approach we found that Federated Hermes uniquely leverages its deep and rich responsible investment history to underpin its market leading public policy and stewardship engagement activity and approach to ESG integration”.

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