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A world class portfolio stressing sustainable real estate investments.


As part of our responsible property investment programme we focus our attention on issues most material to the real estate sector and analysing whether markets are pricing sustainability risk accurately, including externalities, in their measurement of real estate values and worth.

Sharon Brown

Director – Real Estate Risk and Environmental Impact

At Federated Hermes, we have long recognised that responsible investment practices are changing real estate market conditions. Regulatory drivers and growing market demand indicate that sustainable portfolio and building characteristics affect real estate investment’s fundamentals: it creates reduced risk of obsolescence and depreciation, enhances tenant retention, reduces void periods and lowers operating costs.

There have been, however, relevant questions about the limitations of this approach in delivering measurable outcomes beyond performance to investors, the economy and society. Our “Impactful Intent” approach aims to deepen our PRI practice, as well as achieving a nominal financial return we seek to intentionally deliver sustainability outcomes through selected impactful investment themes. This involves using a purposeful framework to focus our real-estate operations on impactful investment themes, and then committing to activities with measurable environmental, economic and societal impacts:

  • Meaningful place-making that creates civic pride
  • Healthy, engaged and productive communities
  • Achieving a just transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient economy

Relevant Responsibility Documents

Leadership and Market Transformation

We are active contributors in public policy and sector engagement with an agenda directed towards promoting responsible investment and ownership practices, and more pertinently advocating for a global financial system that operates in the interests of its ultimate beneficiaries.

Sales Contacts

Antonis Maggoutas,
Head of Germany & Austria Distribution
Frank Pöpplow,
Director - Distribution, Germany & Austria