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360°, Q4 2023:

Debt, deficit, dispelling doubts

25 October 2023 |
Active ESG
In our latest fixed income report, 360°, the credit team provide an overview of the key themes shaping the fixed income narrative and their outlook for the remainder of 2023 and beyond.
360°, Q4 2023: Debt, deficit, dispelling doubt

“Our recent team discussions have focused on the effects of the likely regime change from inflation concerns to growth concerns. This may result in more tailwinds for fixed income with lower inflation and central bank tightening, but we expect the corporate landscape to witness increased headwinds as fundamentals weaken. Against this backdrop, investors will have their work cut out to identify areas of the fixed income universe that will benefit from the former but remain insulated from the latter” – Fraser Lundie – Head of Fixed Income (Public Markets).

As with every edition, 360° derives input and views from across the team within the Multi-Asset Credit Strategy Meeting (MACSM) – with traders, portfolio managers, credit analysts, sustainability specialists and risk professionals all weighing in on the key issues in fixed income.

Fast reading:

  • Commentary: Identifying ‘rising stars’ amid a darkening fundamental outlook
  • Economic outlook: 2023 has been a picture of slowing growth and inflation– what will 2024 bring?
  • Corporate fundamentals: They’ve had a good run, but it’s time to be more cautious
  • Catalysts: The known/unknown risk equation
  • Structured credit: What’s behind the ABS resurgence?
  • And more…

360°, Q4 2023: Debt, deficit, dispelling doubts

Archive: Previous editions of 360°

As fixed income markets evolve through the economic cycle, so too does our thinking. For a view on how the investment landscape has changed, read some of our reports from the past year below:

360°, Q4 2023: Debt, deficit, dispelling doubt

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