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Federated Hermes (International) brand ranks first place for genuine commitment to sustainable investment

21 October 2021

Asset managers have a crucial and active role to play in creating a sustainable future and the international business of Federated Hermes’ brand has been recognised for its genuine commitment and leadership in the industry.

The Hirschel & Kramer’s Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBI™) assesses a firm’s ability to translate its commitment to sustainable development into its brand, and in this year’s edition, the international business of Federated Hermes was ranked first among over 500 global asset managers. In addition to this leading position, the firm has retained a place among the top-10 ranked for the past four years.

The H&K Responsible Investment Brand Index is made up of two ratings: The Commitment rating which focuses on hard factors (eg level and quality of voting and engagement, staff and senior commitment), and the Brand rating which focuses on soft factors (eg the existence of a Purpose statement and the quality of its expression). Each of these two ratings ranges from 0 (poor) to 5 (excellent). The international business of Federated Hermes earned an “Avant-Gardist” RIBI™ classification for being above average on both a commitment rating and a brand rating.

The 2021 results show that nearly half of all asset managers express a reason for being (‘Purpose’), but few do so succinctly and less than one in four link it to advancing society. The results also show a worrying disparity between regions, and it is interesting to note that the top 10 asset managers are all based in Europe.

Harriet Steel, Head of Business Development at the firm, commented:

“Whilst it is clear that the asset management industry is undergoing a fundamental shift to reshape its future, not all stakeholders are walking the talk. I am very proud of the Marketing and Corporate Communications teams who have enabled us to successfully deliver our message to an engaged audience and for shaping our brand into what it is today in a very busy market.”

The full RIBI™ 2021 assessment can be found online here Home page – Hirschel & Kramer (

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