Fixed income rebounds on expectations inflation has peaked

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ABS issuance: Why so low?

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Brasília riots add to investor caution over Brazil

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Our investment teams on the key themes for 2023

2022 was a challenging year which rocked financial markets and forced investors to reconsider their positioning against a backdrop of uncertainty. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine challenged Europe’s reliance on Russian commodities and caused an energy crisis; inflation soared to a four-decade high, sparking a cost-of-living crisis. Investors are understandably cautious about what might be in […]

Central banks ease pace of hikes as inflation cools

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Beyond reopening: China’s transformation

Emerging markets have lagged developed markets this year by 6%, with China reflecting the most notable drag at -26%. However, China stocks are enjoying something of a ‘Santa rally’ amid hope Beijing will relax its strict Covid-19 measures and fully reopen its economy. The MSCI China Index jumped by 29% in November1 to deliver its best […]

Spectrum, Q4 2022

Inflation, one year on

India’s star shines as stocks reach an all-time high

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China enters ‘new phase’ of Covid recovery following civil unrest

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The Federated Hermes 2023 Outlook

Read our Federated Hermes 2023 Outlook where our experts from across our investment floor give their views on how the following eight key themes will play out next year for their respective asset classes: Inflation Geopolitics Energy Tech ESG Biodiversity China Cost of Living Share: