Fiorino: Can Europe’s banks withstand high-pressure energy disruption?

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As Europe grapples with a gas crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, investors are facing up to a fundamental truth: energy is everything. Russia’s efforts to restrict, or cut off, the flow of natural gas to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which runs under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, has […]

Markets on edge despite Bank of England intervention

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They’ve got the power? European Utilities and the energy crisis

The threat to European consumers from soaring gas and electricity prices has dominated recent headlines and impacted bond prices, but informed discussion of the implications for Utilities companies has been lacking. The supply squeeze caused by the conflict in Ukraine, exacerbated by existing market design, has created three major potential issues for the Utilities sector, […]

European Equities Sustainability Report, H1 2022

In our latest Sustainability Report from the European Equities team, we take a closer look at two portfolio holdings at the cutting edge of healthcare innovation and discuss how they are helping to support efforts to end epidemics and reduce the mortality rate of non-communicable diseases. Key Points: Overview of the objectives of SDG 3 […]

Le nostre 5 risposte sul mercato azionario asiatico

D: Per quale motivo gli investitori dovrebbero prendere in considerazione l’Asia come parte del loro portafoglio complessivo? R: L’Asia rappresenta una parte considerevole del mondo, con 2 miliardi di persone solo in Cina e in India. Al contempo, è un’area eterogenea che comprende diversi mercati secondari, tutti con caratteristiche proprie. La peculiarità degli investimenti in […]

Animal farming and ESG: a sector where some are more equal than others

The animal farming industry entered the pandemic widely regarded as an ESG laggard: a sector noted for its high greenhouse gas emissions, unethical treatment of livestock, and intensive land and water use, and a leading global cause of deforestation. The Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR) initiative found the industry has done ‘too little […]

Il lascito della pandemia: cambia il mondo del lavoro

La lista annuale di Forbes dei più ricchi al mondo è diventata un rituale mediatico molto seguito; tuttavia, nel 2022, la stessa lista ha ricordato in modo crudo, per chi ha voluto osservare, l’impatto asimmetrico della pandemia. I dieci uomini più ricchi del mondo hanno più che raddoppiato le loro fortune durante i primi due […]

ESG Materiality, Q3 2022

Supply chain scrutiny puts spotlight on workers’ rights

Pursuing alpha: Why invest in EMD?


Global Equity ESG Fund, H1 Report 2022

The first half of 2022 saw an extremely challenging environment for investors, with markets battered by multiple headwinds. Rising inflation and slowing growth were exacerbated by the impact of the conflict in Ukraine, while consumer confidence fell as interest rates rose. The rise in inflationary pressures and more hawkish central bank policy triggered a pivot […]